Muscle memory is A 'real thing'

I know how difficult it can be to return to training after having some time off, but know that you will regain your strength much quicker than the first time around, that's because there is a scientific phenomenon called ''muscle memory''.
Muscle cells are specifically equipped to grow. As you overload your muscles with resistance training, new nuclei are added to the muscle cells, which then allows them to grow in size.
So even when we have a break from training and feel like our muscles have become smaller and weaker, the new nuclei that was added during the initial training period can be retained for up to 3 months of inactivity.
I find this to research to be pretty encouraging! So if you have a little time of from training, don't be discouraged, you will probably find it easier to get going again when you know returning to your previous state of strength will be much quicker than the first time.

Mark Labib, Exercise Physiologist